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Why is my Business different?

Hi, welcome to our website. hope you are enjoying your time on here. We are a small business. I started having the idea of starting my own business since I was in high school and that's why I went on to study a bachelor of Business. When I wanted to start a business I never really knew what type of business I should open or start.But it all started in 2013 when I had transitioned to only using natural hair products because of the damages and the side affects of using harsh chemical for many years. Not only that but I watched a documentary by the famous Chris Rock called " Good Hair". ( I have provided the link for anyone who would like to check it out for themselves. For many years, I was not confident enough to go to a out with my natural hair, I couldn't go to an interview or other professional setting because I was scared about what other people will say. not only was I scared of other nationality but the fact that many of African people are not proud of their natural hair. Some believe that having only natural hair will make you look like a poor person

Meaning of rock iRock it crown is basically a way to tell the African community that they can wear their natural hair to meetings, interviews and work and that they should rock it.

More about how it was founded.

Belle Fleur Mira was founded by Mireille Byamasu in 2021, after years of struggling to find gentle products that support the health of natural African hair.My business name is very important to me because it is in French and French is the national language in the congo

  • Belle means Beautiful

  • Fleur means flower

  • Mira is my Nickname

Hair relaxers are mostly used by people of African backgrounds, mixed race, Jamaican. Let`s say it is used by people with Afro hair, kinky hair etc. The reasons why they use it is because they just want straight hair, hair is hard to manage and some they just want to fit into their community or society.


As an African Young lady I am not just talking about relaxer as a story that I heard from somewhere but it is something that I have experienced. My mother unknowingly bought and put relaxer on my head from a young age when I came to Australia. It was done nearly every second month. Up to today I have a burnt scar on my head from the relaxer. I will mention the dangers od relaxer on young children`s head and the consequences can not be seen today but it can come in the future.

The danger are and not limited to

According to Pulse Nigeria "studies show that relaxers cause life-threatening ailments such as

more from another source " relaxers have "harmful chemicals, including possible carcinogens and chemicals known as endocrine disrupters, which can interfere with hormone function and could raise breast cancer risk." (

alright, now that you at least understand the reason why we need a business that is not only after the $$$ but also is here to raise awareness to the African/mix raced community and the wider Australian Community about the dangers of these harmful chemicals.

Cons of Hair Relaxers

  • Chemicals weaken the hair which increase the chance of regular breakage.

  • Chance of permanent damage to the scalp and hair.

  • Can become limp.

  • Easier to manage but harder to maintain healthy hair.

  • permanent hair loss

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